Why Carlsbad?

The Top 15 Reasons to Grow a Career and Build a Life in Carlsbad

There’s a whole host of reasons to develop a career and life in Carlsbad. Here are our top fifteen:

  1. Carlsbad is home to the largest desalination plant in the western hemisphere.
  2. Carlsbad has the second highest tourism revenue producer in San Diego County.
  3. Carlsbad is home to 3 pristine lagoons for you to enjoy: Agua Hedionda, Batiquitos, and Buena Vista
  4. Carlsbad has a low 4% unemployment rate, which is 1.1% lower than the average 5.1% of San Diego County.
  5. The World’s Fastest 5K, part of the Rock’n’Roll Marathon series, happens every year in Carlsbad.
  6. There are six times more medical device jobs in Carlsbad than the national average.
  7. Carlsbad is home to 7 beautiful miles of Pacific Ocean Coastline. Ideal for beach days, running on the sand or just listening to the waves.
  8. The historic eight weeks of blooms at Carlsbad Ranch Flower Fields starts early March runs through through early May.
  9. There has been a 9% increase in average yearly hotel occupancy from 2008.
  10. Carlsbad is one of the ten best places to live according to Men’s Journal 2016.
  11. With 11 inches of average rainfall each year, not much else beats this perfect weather.
  12. There are 12 patents for every 1,000 workers in Carlsbad — that’s a lot of innovation.
  13. LEGOLAND’s first theme hotel opened at Legoland California Resort in 2013.
  14. There are 14m square feet of industrial/R&D space in Carlsbad.
  15. Carlsbad has 15,000 employees in the hospitality and leisure sector.

These are just some of the reasons to choose Carlsbad, but there are much more. The only way to experience them all is to come here and see the beauty, activities and impressive work-life balance for yourself.

Why Carlsbad?

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