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Adrian Haskamp

Senior Project Manager at Viasat

Viasat is a global communications company that is changing how consumers use the internet and enabling the US government and military to communicate in previously unreachable locations. It’s also Carlsbad’s largest tech employer with over 2,000 employees and growing.

One of our Life in Action® Active Ambassadors, Adrian Haskamp, is a senior project manager who has worked at Viasat since 2015. He spoke to us about the vision of the company and the positive employee culture Viasat cultivates.


“Viasat is striving to become a global provider that delivers a rich internet experience, wherever people live, work or travel,” Haskamp said.

“We do that through satellite provided internet–also known as broadband internet–and a secure cyber communications field. If you’re in the military and want to send encrypted secure information back and forth, we’re in the space providing the encrypted device.”

As senior project manager, Adrian helps with corporate initiatives that include global security measures when acquiring or integrating other companies with Viasat and business resilience measures to review the risk of company projects. He said that the most meaningful part of his job is helping people solve problems.

“Getting a person to the right medical center, getting someone in an insecure environment out of there—when I think of some of the projects I work on, they’re important because they help the business, but sometimes they also help people in need.”

Although Haskamp said he is passionate about his position, he pointed out that job titles matter very little at Viasat.

“We purposely make titles not a big deal” he explained. “Here, it doesn’t matter if you have the highest title or how long you’ve been here. If you have the best idea, that idea wins.”

One of his favorite parts of working at Viasat, in addition to the wide variety of projects he works on, is the people and work environment at the company.

“What gets me most excited is the culture. Employees feel limitless because the culture allows for us to push the limits but not be defined by a swim lane because of our title or number of years with the company,” he described.

Viasat also exemplifies the model for a work-life balance. The company gives its employees freedom to manage their personal responsibilities and helps employees connect with one another. For example, Haskamp described how employees at Viasat have started all kinds of employee resource groups: from a rock climbing group, to a mountain biking club, to chess clubs that meet during the workday.

For Adrian, the veteran employee resource group is one he is very involved in.

“We do all kinds of things to help the military community, including veterans, active serving or military spouses. We run transition workshops to help them find a meaningful career,” he described. “It’s not about applying to Viasat; it’s about helping them transition.”

“It was a challenge when I got out of the military,” Haskamp said.  “With the amazing experience my wife and I have had working in Carlsbad, we want to help veterans see that this is a great place to live and there’s great

opportunity when you get out of the military.”

In addition to working in Carlsbad, Haskamp also lives here, which he said supports his Life in Action® lifestyle.

“I’m a big surfer and big mountain biker. I do both extensively in Carlsbad” Haskamp said. On top of that, he’s raising twin six-year-olds here with his wife, who also works at Viasat.

“Carlsbad is such a great destination. I live here, I work here, I’m growing my family here.”

If you work in Carlsbad and want to become an Active Ambassador or know someone who demonstrates the Carlsbad spirit of Life in Action, learn more here.

Adrian playing Spikeball with coworkers at lunch
Adrian playing Spikeball with coworkers at lunch
Adrian speaking at Military Appreciation Week
Adrian speaking at Military Appreciation Week

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