Tips for your transition

If you’re relocating from out of the area, there are a ton of moving and housing resources to help you out to make your transition as easy as possible. With so many amazing neighborhoods available, renting in Carlsbad, the amazing cities in North County, or even San Diego, you’ll no doubt be able to find your perfect place under the sun.

Explore Commuting Options Before You Move

Plan Your Commute
  • Apartment & House Hunting
  • Moving
  • Settle In

Dig your new digs

Here are some great websites to find your perfect new home or apartment. 

Drive it, ship it, sell it

Trucking your stuff? Consider these options:

Is shipping the better option? Here are some go-tos:

Want to donate things you don’t need anymore? Here are some ideas:

Be sure to take care of these important tasks


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