Key Industries

Key Industries

Carlsbad has some of the most innovative companies in action sports, life sciences, clean tech and information and communications technology. Learn more about each of our industry clusters below.

Action Sports

Carlsbad is the home to many leading companies in the golf, surf and cycling industries.

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Life Sciences

Three hundred patents were issued to life sciences companies in Carlsbad in 2018 alone.

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Information & Communications Technology

Software and video game design, cyber security, satellites, robotics, and more; this is one of the fastest growing industries in Carlsbad.

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Clean Technology

The average earnings for clean tech jobs in Carlsbad $118,827.

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Emerging Industries

Carlsbad’s medical device and robotic companies are quickly on the rise. In fact, medical device company employment numbers in Carlsbad are surpassing the national average by more than six times. That’s nearly 4,000 jobs and more than 150 firms. Read on to learn more.

Medical Devices

This industry is the convergence of both life sciences and technology cluster companies providing noteworthy medical device activity and accounting for one in every 20 jobs in the city.

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The nation is recognizing advanced manufacturing as a linchpin to bringing high-level production back to the United States, and robotics is a key industry at the convergence of manufacturing and technology.

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Hospitality and Tourism

Carlsbad is one of the nation’s top vacation destinations, so it’s no surprise that the hospitality and tourism cluster is quickly emerging as one of the city’s hottest industries.

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