Medical Devices

The medical devices are a fundamental part of healthcare, life sciences and advanced manufacturing industries, including the development and production of diagnostic and treatment products ranging from simple tongue depressors to life-saving drugs and sophisticated imaging products.

Carlsbad’s medical device industry accounts for just over 1 in every 20 jobs or nearly 4,000 jobs in the city. When you factor in the average earnings per worker, medical devices play an even more significant role in the city’s economy, accounting for just over 1 in every 10 dollars earned by those working in Carlsbad. Nationally it’s considered one of the highest paying jobs.

There are many medical devices companies in Carlsbad – approximately six times the national average and growing. From 2008 through 2013, Carlsbad’s medical device industry increased by more than 1,000 jobs and 25 percent of the sector’s employment. Additionally, the medical devices industry grew proportionally more in Carlsbad than it did in San Diego County or the United States over all.

Proportional Change in Employment in Medical Devices Industry (Primary) Historic & Forecasted

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The medical devices industry in Carlsbad has grown considerably faster than San Diego County, California or the United States.

More notable companies:

Thermo Fisher
Thermo Fisher Scientific is an American multinational, biotechnology product development company, created in 2006.

Genoptix is a specialized oncology diagnostics provider that was recently acquired by Novartis.

Alphatec Spine
A global medical technology company focused on addressing disorders of the spine. Alphatec Spine strives to fulfill our purpose of ‘improving lives by delivering advancements in spinal fusion technologies’.

Zimmer Dental
Zimmer Dental and BIOMET 3i have joined forces to become a leader in oral health care solutions as the Zimmer Biomet dental division. Offering surgical, regenerative and restorative products, and digital dentistry solutions that work alongside world-class educational opportunities and responsive, personalized service.


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