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Companies Are Creating Cutting Edge Robotics in Carlsbad, Ca

Robotics is an emerging industry at the convergence of manufacturing and technology, and Carlsbad companies are using robotics to make significant strides in advanced manufacturing – the linchpin to bringing high-level production work back to the United States.

The robotics industry is part of Carlsbad’s overall Information and Communications Technology cluster, which is comprised of 242 firms and more than 10,000 jobs. This cluster alone has obtained more than 744 patents between 2008-2015 and boasts an average annual salary of $114,000. This average is among the highest paying jobs nationally for the industry.  Robotics engineers in Carlsbad are mechanical engineers who focus on designing and maintaining robots and their electrical systems. The robotics themselves are utilized mainly in the manufacturing industry and in office environments while creating designs and applications.

Some of the most advanced and high-tech robotic innovators call Carlsbad home, like 5D Robotics – a world leader in the development of technologies that provide extremely accurate position and navigation, obstacle avoidance and guarded motion. 5D Robotics recently raised $5.5 million in seed funding to continue developing its autonomous navigation technology, which it plans to use in both military and commercial applications.

The team at AutomationGT focuses on innovative automation and robotics design. They have established themselves as experienced manufacturers of machines used in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical device production, aerospace and defense, automotive manufacturing and renewable energy.  Watch their new video here.

Let’s Go Robotics, headquartered in Carlsbad; focuses on Life Sciences automation for the future. Their strength is integrating complex systems involving motion control and instrumentation, complete laboratory automation, custom engineering services and everything in between. The Let’s Go Robotics team consists of experienced mechanical, electrical, software and processing engineers. They recently made a marked improvement on the gripper hand for holding products using sensor‐less force detection to avoid crushing and novel rack and pinion gears to avoid dropping.




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