Carlsbad, CA—An Investor’s Market

July 22, 2015

ThermoFisher BuildingCarlsbad’s market continues to attract investors and rebound from recession era levels. With vacancy rates in office and industrial space nearing 15%, Carlsbad’s market indicates strong yields for investors. In a recent interview with, Brad Tecca of DTZ’s capital market team, states that, “from an investor’s standpoint, this is a market that’s not even close to reaching past peak highs in terms of pricing on a per-square-foot basis.”


A lot of investors see this as a market to get into and achieve better yields than other parts of San Diego County and the West Coast, says Tecca. He notes that the high market absorption rates in Carlsbad’s well-planned business parks, are indicators that, “patterns of growth within San Diego County continue to move north.”


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