Carlsbad Leads the Region in Action Sports Manufacturing

July 18, 2014


San Diego Union Tribune reports on the region’s robust action sports industry.  Executives and innovators in action sports sat on a panel Wednesday to discuss market trends and the future of the rapidly growing industry.   For San Diego as a region, the industry is estimated to include 1,200 businesses that employ approximately 23,000 people.

Carlsbad is home to more than half of the action sports jobs in San Diego County.  Moreover, action sports companies are 50 times more concentrated in Carlsbad compared to the national average. With nearly 50 miles of trails and 7 miles of coastline, Carlsbad provides the environment executives see necessary for the industry to thrive.

At Wednesday’s panel, John Sarkisian, CEO of Carlsbad’s sports training company SKLZ said, “We need to ensure that the people who come here can live that lifestyle that they came here for.” SKLZ and other action sports manufacturing companies have found a great place to grow their businesses in Carlsbad, where action sports industries thrive in an innovative environment and employees come to live a Life in Action.