Carlsbad Opens the Hemisphere’s Largest Seawater Desalination Plant

December 15, 2015

IMG_8132Carlsbad, CA—Yesterday, dignitaries and officials celebrated the opening of the hemisphere’s largest seawater desalination plant.  The one billion dollar plant and pipeline will begin supplying the county with 8-10% of its water supply within a few days.  This means that there’s a sustainable source of water to support the local and regional economy.

For more than ten years the City of Carlsbad, the San Diego County Water Authority and Poseidon Water, the plant’s developer and operator, have partnered to planned for and study the feasibility of the desalination project.  The plant can produce up to 50 million gallons of fresh water daily.  That’s enough drinking water for 300,000 San Diegans.

The project has a significant benefit to the local economy.  This includes the injection of $560 million in local spending during construction and the creation of 2,500 jobs.  The economic benefit doesn’t end there.  Now that the plant is operational, it will catalyze $50 million in annual spending throughout the region, including $5.3 million in annual property and business tax revenue.

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