Carlsbad partners with Viasat for “Business In Action” video

August 13, 2014

ViaSat and Carlsbad Life In Action Video
Viasat and Carlsbad Life In Action Video

The City of Carlsbad and Viasat have partnered together to create a video that features Carlsbad as a top place to live and work. Viasat is an industry leader in innovative satellite technology alongside other wireless networking systems and prides themselves on creating top notch communications technology. Headquartered in Carlsbad, Viasat has grown to more than 3,300 highly skilled workers and has successfully collaborated with the City of Carlsbad on a recent expansion project. CEO Mark Dankberg agrees that the high quality of life and talent that Carlsbad has is a key reason in the Viasat’s advancement. This success story outlines the reason why Carlsbad is truly a Life in Action®. Mr. Dankberg, alongside co-founders Mark Miller and Steve Hart, started Viasat in a spare bedroom with under $25,000 in capital with no idea how successful they would become. Carlsbad has been a key attribute in providing a great atmosphere for a business needs to grow. From the high quality of talent to the active lifestyle, Carlsbad is set to be the ideal place to work, live, learn, and connect. Through the City of Carlsbad’s talent attraction website, companies and future talent are easily able to find resources, facts, images, links, and videos showcasing Carlsbad as an unimaginable place to live and work. It is quite simply, a Life In Action®.