The Good Truck Celebrates Carlsbad Boys & Girls Club

June 20, 2017

The Good Truck, a kitchen on wheels that travels across California recognizing organizations for the work they do to make their communities great, recently came to Carlsbad to recognize the Boys & Girls Club of Carlsbad. The Boys & Girls Club inspires young people to excel by providing educational, enriching and active experiences in a safe environment. With support from the Carlsbad community, the organization strives to help our young people build character and grow into outstanding adults.

Working with local chef, Andrew Bachelier, executive chef at Carlsbad’s Campfire Kitchen, the Good Truck acknowledged the staff that contributes so much to the future of our youth with a surprise gourmet beachside meal. The video provides a glimpse into the Club’s daily routine and insights into the individuals who work there. The feature spotlights a great example of Carlsbad businesses stepping up to recognize those who help others. Take a look.