How To Make The Most of Day 1, North County Day, of San Diego Startup Week

October 11, 2023

San Diego Startup Week is where founders meet their co-founders, startups meet expert talent, and communities come together to share their learnings of building life-changing technology right in San Diego.

Day One is officially North County Day, hosted in Carlsbad Village and we want to make sure you make the most of it.

Getting There

First things first, plan out your day. Check out the schedule and clear your calendar! Also look into public transportation options like the Coaster to Carlsbad Village or take the new free electric shuttle Carlsbad Good Ride. If you want to come early, look for coworking or coffee shops nearby to work from in the morning.

Meet the North County Companies

Right after you check in, meet the exhibiting companies to get a taste for the different kinds of companies along Highway 78, many are hiring.

Sign up for mentor hours to sit down for 20-30 minutes with experts in sales, marketing, product development, and fundraising. It’s not easy getting these professionals’ time.

Listen in to the Building In North Count panel to hear how local startups utilize local resources and the unique talent pool to grow their businesses. Keynote speaker Vuori CEO Joe Kudla will also speak about how North County has enabled Vuori to be the biggest brand in athleisure, spoiler alert: it may have something to do with the experienced sports and active lifestyle talent.

Connect and Celebrate

Building a startup has a lot to do with who’s in your network. Meet many other entrepreneurs, tech employees, and community leaders to grow your support system. Celebrate with the community for the work that’s been done at the 7pm Kick-Off Celebration and learn lessons from SXSW (South By Southwest) Founder Louis Black on how Austin grew their community too.

Strap In for the week

If you thought day one was productive, just wait for each following day of Startup Week, which takes you to Tijuana on Tuesday, Liberty Station on Wednesday, SDSU on Thursday, and Qualcomm on Friday.

Each day is only in the afternoon or later to allow for productivity in the morning.

See you soon and grab your tickets here! First-come, first-serve discounted tickets available using code: carlsbad100