Isis Pharmaceuticals – Culture of Collaboration in Carlsbad’s Businesses

November 18, 2015

ISIS PharmaceuticalsOn Monday, Carlsbad-based Isis Pharmaceuticals and world-renowned research institution UC San Diego announced a partnership that improves scientific research using gene cutting technology.  The collaboration is a game changer for those using a gene editing system called CRISPR by altering gene expression to treat diseases like HIV and cancer.

With a culture of collaboration generating business growth, Carlsbad is a great choice for businesses to locate and grow.  By working collaboratively, Carlsbad businesses are improving both technology and products.

This culture of collaboration is common in the high tech businesses in Carlsbad.  Just last month, Bio, Tech and Beyond, the city’s life sciences incubator partnered with Thermo Fisher Scientific who hosted the incubators inaugural Startup Showcase.

More information about the Isis Pharmaceuticals and UC San Diego partnership can be found here.