Life In Action Website Updates

May 12, 2016


Check out several exciting updates to the Carlsbad Life In Action® website!

To celebrate Carlsbad’s blooming innovation economy over the past year, a fresh production of infographics sporting a newly re-designed layout and containing the most up-to-date key industry cluster data, and economic indicators is now complete. The first quarter in 2016 was spent exploring Carlsbad’s most meaningful economic data from 2015 and drawing comparisons to prior year performance. You will find more evidence of Carlsbad’s continued success in industries such as life sciencesinformation & communications technologyaction sports manufacturinghospitality & tourism, and clean technology within all of the new infographics.

In addition, the website includes a special section of the top 15 reasons why Carlsbad stands out. As you might imagine, the selection process proved difficult given the endless reasons why Carlsbad is the premiere location to live your Life in Action®. This can be used in real estate materials, feel free to download, share, and enjoy this new addition to the website!

The final update is the addition of interactive dashboards that have been embedded directly to the website. They will provide real-time data on Carlsbad educational achievement, real estate, and employment rates across the city. This information will be updated throughout the year and accessible to any website visitor. Feel free to enjoy watching Carlsbad grow throughout the year in real-time!

As always, the Carlsbad Life in Action website remains dedicated to attracting talent and invite its business community to discover Carlsbad and define your Life In Action. Feel free to download, share, and enjoy!