Life Sciences Industry Leads the Region

December 15, 2014

Carlsbad, CA is an innovation machine. Located in the leading state for the biomedical industry, this Pacific coastal city is a significant contributor to the 3rd largest life sciences cluster in the nation – San Diego. Advances in genomics are uncovering the main causes of previlife.sciencesously baffling and untreatable diseases. Carlsbad’s  Thermo Fisher  is considered the second top company in genome sequencing, finishing behind San Diego’s Illumina. Genomics is just one niche that showcases the San Diego region and Carlsbad as leaders in the life sciences industry.

The San Diego region’s life sciences companies are breaking records and constantly creating new technologies. San Diego life sciences company Illumina is considered the smartest company in the world and is consistently recognized as an innovative leader. With such momentum in the San Diego life sciences sector, Carlsbad attracts major life sciences headquarters with its panoramic views and easy access to San Diego’s life sciences hub just south in Torrey Pines Mesa. Leading companies such as Thermo Fisher, Isis Pharmaceuticals, Genoptix and Zimmer Dental, call Carlsbad home and help the region advance in the development of new and life changing technologies.

Carlsbad alone has approximately 180 life sciences companies which together create over 7,400 jobs. The average salary for life sciences professionals is $116,000 nationally and $125,000 in Carlsbad. It is the highest average salary out of all the region’s clusters, allowing professionals to enjoy all the benefits of the Southern California lifestyle.

California is the key to this growing industry. The reasoning behind such success? Talent! California has 11 of the world’s top 100 schools, which provides the necessary research and talent pipeline to help this industry continue to grow and thrive here. UC San Diego is a leader in NIH funding and provides new and innovative research to our surrounding life sciences companies. Whether you are a professional looking for exciting life sciences opportunities or a life sciences business looking for a bright and successful future home, find out why Carlsbad and the San Diego region is a right fit for you.

For more info download Carlsbad life sciences info graphic.