Manufacturers Keep the Gears Turning in Carlsbad

March 2, 2021

Manufacturing is a critical part of San Diego North County’s economy, representing more than 40,000 jobs and $18 billion in economic impact. Spanning across multiple industry clusters like tech, life sciences and sports innovation, many manufacturers find themselves choosing Carlsbad as a base for their operations. 

From biomedical devices to high-tech goods and services, companies like MiQ Partners and SEACOMP are creating products that impact people locally and globally. We are going to take a closer look at these two companies and why they chose Carlsbad as their home.  

MiQ Partners

MiQ Partners is a manufacturer that helps businesses produce and scale their products through highly-configurable automation technology. MiQ’s Carlsbad facility houses dozens of robotics and precision assembly machines that build, assemble and test a variety of products ranging from medical devices to candy packaging.

One of the aspects that sets MiQ apart from other manufacturing firms is its onsite full-service machine shop to support custom automation/machine design and build.

The production of medical equipment, supplies, and devices is a specialty of MiQ’s, thanks to the company’s advanced machinery that allows for small part manipulation and assembly.  Medical device development requires ongoing tracing, testing and accountability to ensure the protection of patients. MiQ’s reputation in medical device manufacturing has earned the company substantial attention and accolades in their ability to quickly, yet accurately, develop products that meet regulatory standards and can get to hospitals, doctors, and patients faster. The company’s leadership in this space proved invaluable when the world was in need of COVID-19 testing kits. 

According to a company press release, MiQ became one of the top producers of COVID-19 tests by increasing the test kits’ speed to market while maintaining product quality, helping more people get tested in a timely manner and stemming infection rates.

One of the reasons MiQ is able to achieve these milestones is that the company is one of very few FDA certified manufacturers. That’s a huge benefit to MiQ customers, who can kill two birds with one stone by developing and testing their product while simultaneously ensuring the final product will be approved for immediate market entry. 

MiQ is poised for growth in 2021 and beyond, with plans to add 20-to-30 additional jobs at its Carlsbad facility. 

“Being in-between San Diego and Orange County is an obvious benefit to being located in Carlsbad. But the city is much more than a locale. What solidified the decision to move into Carlsbad was the authentic, down-to-earth nature of the city and the people,” said Olaf Tessarzyk, CEO of MiQ Partners. “Those attributes were important factors when we thought about the talent we’re trying to attract.”


SEACOMP may be a veteran among Carlsbad’s manufacturers, but the products the globally active company creates are increasingly new and exciting. Specializing in electrical components from LCD displays to power adapters, SEACOMP’s manufacturing capabilities have touched products all over the world. But the firm’s impact goes far beyond product production. They offer full-scale design, engineering, sampling, and supply chain support to the industrial, consumer, and medical sectors.

SEACOMP manufacturers produce medical devices, LED displays, power adapters, and more.

SEACOMP provides customers with support through the various stages of product development, from conception all the way to production. Known for its ability to help customers achieve mass production while maintaining quality, SEACOMP’s business model centers around solving the frustrating issues most product developers are plagued with, particularly when it comes to overseas production and suppliers. Thanks to SEACOMP’s China manufacturing team and the executive office in Hong Kong, SEACOMP is able to alleviate the miscommunications and language barriers that often delay and thwart other development projects that have to rely on siloed production teams.

While SEACOMP’s overseas facilities were briefly impacted by COVID-19 closures, the company is running at full capacity and helping customers navigate the ongoing shipping and supply delays. 2020 was a landmark year for SEACOMP, as the company achieved the certifications required to produce medical devices, as well as renovating office space at its China production facility. Pandemic challenges aside, SEACOMP predicts a successful year for 2021, with plans to add a few additional positions to the Carlsbad office. 

SEACOMP’s Carlsbad conference room

SEACOMP’s need for highly specialized talent drives its presence in Carlsbad. Like several other complex industries in the area, the demand for qualified employees is a constant pursuit for SEACOMP. 

“We really value the talent pool that’s available here, from the professionals down to the strong engineering students coming out of the local universities,” said Terry Arbaugh, SEACOMP’s VP of Sales and Marketing. 

Overall, manufacturing is slated to continue its meteoric growth in North County. According to a study conducted by the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, a majority of North County manufacturing firms (58 percent) expect to increase their physical workspace going forward as well as industry-wide job growth of nearly six percent in the next five years. For more information on the impact of manufacturing to Carlsbad and beyond, click here.