Meet Maiken Jorgensen, Marketing Manager at Cuker Agency

December 19, 2018

Among Carlsbad’s booming life sciences and tech scene, you’ll also find some of the most prestigious digital advertising agencies in the world.

Cuker Agency, based in Carlsbad, California has won several awards for its excellence in digital advertising, including being honored at the international 2018 Webby Awards for its eCommerce design.

In addition to professional success, Cuker promotes a culture of active work-life balance for its employees, to which their success is certainly attributable.

We spoke to Maiken Jorgensen, who has been a Marketing Manager at the company for almost two years, to learn more about what it’s like to work at Cuker.

“We are a full-service digital marketing agency,” Maiken said, “specializing in Marketing Campaigns, Web Design, eCommerce, Social Media, Search Marketing, and Strategy to grow online businesses.”

As Marketing Manager, Maiken said she has a lot of variety in the tasks she does. “I get to do a little bit of everything, which makes my job really fun. I work a lot with social media, both on paid advertising as well as organic management and influencer marketing.” Maiken also does copywriting, email, and reporting/analytics for her clients.

She and her team recently had the opportunity to travel to Facebook’s headquarters in the bay area for a tour and personalized work sessions focused on new features the online platform is developing. “It was pretty cool to hear about the new features Facebook is rolling out, and how we can utilize them for our clients in the upcoming year,” she said.

“On the agency side, I help do project management, content creation, PR, social and events – it’s really fun to work on Cuker’s marketing because we have so much to offer and showcase,” she said.

Maiken pointed out that Cuker Agency’s clients separate them from most digital advertising agencies.

“We’re very passionate about our clients. Even though they’re so different from one another, we truly love the brands we work with and believe in each of them. We’d never take on a client that doesn’t align with our own values as an agency, ” she said.  Some of the clients Cuker currently works with are a well-known swimwear brand, an activewear/apparel company, a health food brand, and a luxury blanket brand.

Along with working with fun clients, Maiken also said one of the reasons she loves working for Cuker is its prime location in Carlsbad.

“Being in north county is just the best,” she said. “But our office is next-level. It makes coming to work that much more worth it.”
With state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, the Make campus, where their office is located, offers everything from a shuttle service and full gym to bikes and a surf locker with racks and showers.

“I take a class at our gym almost every day,” Maiken said. “It’s nice because I don’t need to leave work, I get a workout in, and I leave feeling refreshed for the rest of the work day. Our company is pretty big on living a healthy lifestyle and making a positive impact on the environment. Our office has healthy snack options and our CEO is constantly looking for ways to make our workplace more sustainable.”

Walking distance from the beach, Cuker seems to have it all. Maiken said many employees utilize their lunch break to do something active like surfing, walking, biking, or taking a yoga class at the gym. The campus also offers an impressive amphitheater, free EV charging, a café, and lots of community areas to work or lounge.

In addition to the office space and campus, Maiken said Carlsbad has a lot to offer. “I love that there is so much to do, like the Village, the beach, eateries, and shops. It’s nice to feel like we’re part of a community full of friendly families, active individuals, and like-minded brands who are all as stoked to be here as we are.”

As an Active Ambassador, Maiken said she hopes to give back to neighboring companies and attract the best talent to work at Cuker by showing all the benefits of living and working in Carlsbad.

If you work in Carlsbad and want to become an Active Ambassador or know someone who demonstrates the Carlsbad spirit of Life in Action, learn more here.

By Emily Merz