New Spaces, New Faces

January 22, 2018

As the innovative technology industries continue to thrive in the City of Carlsbad, so does the need for skilled and talented professionals – and modern, creative office and industrial spaces in which to work and innovate. There are a number of new developments underway in the city to house corporate headquarters, industrial manufacturing and distribution centers. Many of these new developments are being designed as creative industrial developments to take full advantage of the available space.

We had a chance to talk with one commercial developer who is currently developing five such industrial parks in the city, Adam Robinson, president of RAF Pacifica Group (RPG). One of the reasons Robinson chose Carlsbad as a location for the developments is due to the city’s “smart, flexible zoning; good access to executive and employee housing; and the city’s entrepreneurial values and quality of life.

“In 2012, we were buying properties and refurbishing them. We realized that there aren’t many buildings that can easily be refurbished into creative spaces so we started looking for properties that would fit our mission, to start building from scratch.”

The city’s zoning allows developers to design and create spaces that appeal to a variety of innovative businesses and individuals who come to Carlsbad to participate in tech industry clusters. It also allows developers to create flexible developments that provide collaborative space with room for amenities.

“One of our big things is to create more modern versions of corporate headquarters,” continued Robinson. “So companies can have offices, as well as industrial space in the same location. Then we build in space for recreation, and spaces that integrate indoor and outdoor areas. We also try to choose sites and locate building types that take advantage of infrastructure, like a distribution site close to freeways, or links to public transportation so people can walk or bike to work.”

Individuals migrating to Carlsbad will appreciate the enhanced ability to balance a fast-paced career with the city’s active outdoor lifestyle provided by these kinds of creative work areas. Bored of the drab cubicle or typical wood-laden office? Working in modern, attractive spaces with lots of amenities is just one of the perks offered by many Carlsbad companies.