Ready to Work? Carlsbad Can Help

November 15, 2023

Carlsbad, California is a desirable place to work for employees due to its strong economy, high quality of life, and abundance of recreational activities. The city is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies, including Thermo Fisher Scientific and Viasat, as well as a thriving small business community. The city’s commitment to fostering a supportive and collaborative business environment, coupled with its proximity to major academic and research institutions and unparalleled quality of life, has created a magnet for top companies from around the world. As Carlsbad continues to evolve as a hub of innovation and economic prosperity, its exceptional talent pool will undoubtedly play an even more crucial role in shaping its future.

To help employees thrive, Carlsbad is here to offer resources to help you get a jump on a new career in 2024. Here are a few areas to help:

Learn A New Employable Skill

Get Recruited by a Carlsbad Company

Find a Local Job


Looking for an entry-level job? Get a leg up with skills-based training for local employers!

With the North County Job Readiness Room, you will develop job-readiness skills, get off to a fast start in your career, and learn about the local job market.

 Training can help you with skills necessary for industries like:

  • Hospitality & Food Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Customer Service
  • Office Administration
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics


Are you a company looking to upskill your talent? Look at the North County Job Readiness Room as a complimentary Learning and Development Program for your team. Sign up here before December 1, 2023.


The North County Job-Readiness Room is free for job seekers and businesses.


Ready to make the move to Carlsbad? Let local companies know you’re ready!

The Carlsbad City Seeker program will connect you directly with a company that is hiring just by filling out this form.  You’ll also be sent tips about Carlsbad, including local living and working.  


Who’s Hiring in Carlsbad?

Whether you’re a PhD, have a few years of education, or hold prior military experience, there’s a career path in Carlsbad for you. Carlsbad’s diverse industry clusters host thousands of jobs, fitting unique talents and interests. Search them here.


The City of Carlsbad is here to support your new path in 2024, starting now. Reach out to the city if we can be of assistance.