Shop Small, Shop Local in Carlsbad Village

April 26, 2018

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses make up 99.7 percent of U.S. businesses. They are the backbone of the country’s economy and employ almost 57 million people. They are also some of the most creative, innovative companies in their respective industries. So, when it comes to spending your hard-earned dollars, you should consider spending them with the small businesses that call Carlsbad home.

To help raise awareness of some of the many small businesses in the city, the Carlsbad Village Association puts on its annual “Spring Shop Hop,” in which participating businesses offer discounts, light refreshments, and dining samples. Those that register for the event and get their event passports stamped by participating businesses are eligible to win special gifts at the end of the day.

“It’s important that we keep our businesses in front of our Carlsbad residents and visitors to the Village,” said Christine Davis, Program Manager for the Carlsbad Village Association. “Through the Spring Shop Hop, people are introduced to businesses that they’ve never been in before and in turn many businesses see an increase in sales, but more importantly, new relationships are formed.”

Davis also said that Village businesses find that many of the people that shop at the event return to shop repeatedly during the year, particularly around the holidays.

The Spring Shop Hop is also a chance for locals to immerse themselves in the culture of the city and find those unique gifts or culinary experiences you can only get from small, local shops and restaurants. There’s even live music to enjoy when you need a break from shopping.

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