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Rosie Scannell

Employee Engagement Manager at TaylorMade

Few cities can say that they are home to one of the largest golf equipment companies in the world. Carlsbad can. TaylorMade, a technologically advanced global golf club manufacturer at the forefront of its industry, is headquartered here in Carlsbad. One of our Life in Action® Active Ambassadors, Rosie Scannell, works in TaylorMade’s global human resources division and spoke with us about striking a balance between working for the company and enjoying life in Carlsbad.


Scannell is the program manager of the employee engagement team at the company, which oversees talent attraction.  “This includes everything from creating our employee newsletter, facilitating new hire orientation, planning and running all our employee events and programs including: golf tournaments, sports leagues, monthly team social hours, company holiday events, family events and employee milestone celebrations.

“I absolutely love my job,” Scannell said. “Our employees are passionate about what they do. They work hard and spend a lot of time here, so we try our best to take an innovative approach to creating a well-rounded employee experience for them. We definitely have a work hard, play hard mentality.”

Although TaylorMade is a global corporate power house, their employee culture is far from typical. Scannell discussed the variety of events TaylorMade hosts to cultivate a positive and well-balanced employee culture.

“What I like most is the experience employees at TaylorMade get. Whenever we have a golf competition, like the Masters golf tournament, everyone’s competitive spirit comes out. People get really excited about our company events.”

Scannell added that everyone at the company, regardless of their skill level, has a place in golf. Whether they are a scratch golfer or just learning the game, TaylorMade offers a wide variety of lessons, clinics and golf outings to employees. “We even offer not everyone who works at TaylorMade is a golfer, so the company offers beginning, intermediate and family lessons for employees and their kids so everyone feels a part of the game.”

Scannell also discussed employee engagement with their Halloween event last year.

“We take Halloween very seriously at TaylorMade. Last year our theme was “decades” and each department created an experience based on the decade they chose. We had everything from Woodstock to a Speakeasy represented. Some employees even created a replica of the 1970s Price is Right set complete with a spin wheel.”

In addition to enjoying working for an innovative company headquartered in Carlsbad, Scannell feels fortunate to also call Carlsbad home. “Carlsbad is a great place for my husband and me to raise our kids,” she emphasized. “We love going to Carlsbad State Beach, walking to the Village to meet up with friends at Park 101 and finishing off the day with Gaia Gelato.”

In her time off from work, Scannell also said she enjoys taking her kids to the city library, spending summer nights relaxing at the concerts in the park, going on hikes and taking advantage of Carlsbad’s many parks.

“Our kids have become total SoCal beach kids,” Scannell joked.

Scannell was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Santa Clarita. In 2010, she left Palmdale, California, where she had been working for Lockheed Martin, to move to their San Diego office.

“I was ready to trade the hot desert for the cool beach climate,” she said.

Scannell said she is thrilled to be a member of the Life In Action® Active Ambassador program and she hopes to be able to meet like-minded employees from other Carlsbad companies through the experience.

“At TaylorMade, we are so proud to call Carlsbad home to our global headquarters and similar to the Life In Action® campaign we also want to do what we can to help attract top talent to the community.”

If you work in Carlsbad and want to become an Active Ambassador or know someone who demonstrates the Carlsbad spirit of Life in Action, learn more here.

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