Ambassador Profiles

Jon Aasted

Veteran Profile: Meet Jon Aasted, Recruiter at the City of Carlsbad

We’re excited to be launching a new Life in Action series featuring profiles of veterans and military spouses working at Carlsbad companies! Get to know the stories of those who’ve served and how they’ve found their perfect niche at a Carlsbad career after their military service. First up, we’re starting in-house by getting to know Jon Aasted, Sr. Human Resources Technician and Recruiter at the City of Carlsbad.

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Taryne Haskamp

Veteran Profile: Taryne Haskamp, Program Manager at Viasat

Get to know the stories of those who’ve served and how they’ve found their perfect niche at a Carlsbad career after their military service. Meet Taryne Haskamp, a Program Manager at Viasat’s Carlsbad campus.

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David Cowhig

Veteran & Sr. HR Insights & Analytics Partner at Thermo Fisher Scientific

As part of our Life in Action series featuring profiles of veterans and military spouses working at Carlsbad companies, you’ll get to know the stories of those who’ve served and how they’ve found their perfect niche at a Carlsbad career after their military service. Meet David Cowhig, a Sr. HR Insights and Analytics Partner at Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Carlsbad campus.

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Ryan Eick

Health Care Operations Supervisor with Airspace Technologies

Sometimes delivering a package as quickly as possible is not simply a matter of convenience. It is a matter of life or death.

As health care supervisor for Airspace Technologies, Ryan Eick is well-acquainted with life-and-death decisions. A Life in Action Active Ambassador, Eick is responsible for helping get an organ for transplant – a kidney, a liver, or even a pancreas – across the country as fast as it can be done.

Airspace Technologies is a logistics company that specializes in critical shipments. A key feature of the firm’s service is transparency – customers can track their shipment as it travels through its journey.

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Adrian Haskamp

Senior Project Manager at Viasat

Viasat is a global communications company that is changing how consumers use the internet and enabling the US government and military to communicate in previously unreachable locations. It’s also Carlsbad’s largest tech employer with over 2,000 employees and growing.

One of our Life in Action® Active Ambassadors, Adrian Haskamp, is a senior project manager who has worked at Viasat since 2015. He spoke to us about the vision of the company and the positive employee culture Viasat cultivates.

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Felipe Acevedo

Inside Sales Manager at Canyon Bicycles

One of the world’s most prestigious high-end road, mountain, triathlon and commuter bicycle brands just recently started distributing in the United States. Selling to more than 100 countries—now including the U.S.—Canyon strategically placed a showroom and headquarters right here in Carlsbad, California.

We had the opportunity to speak with Active Ambassador Felipe Acevedo, who works as an Inside Sales Manager at Canyon’s Carlsbad location. Acevedo has been a lifelong cycling enthusiast, and at Canyon, he turned his passion and hobby into a career.

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Rosie Scannell

Employee Engagement Manager at TaylorMade

Few cities can say that they are home to one of the largest golf equipment companies in the world. Carlsbad can. TaylorMade, a technologically advanced global golf club manufacturer at the forefront of its industry, is headquartered here in Carlsbad. One of our Life in Action® Active Ambassadors, Rosie Scannell, works in TaylorMade’s global human resources division and spoke with us about striking a balance between working for the company and enjoying life in Carlsbad.

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James O’Leonard

CEO at PEAK 15 Systems

The growing number and success of software companies in Carlsbad is helping to put the city’s name on the national tech community’s map. But what sets Carlsbad’s tech scene apart from other national hubs is the employee and company culture of businesses in this city.

We had the chance to speak with Active Ambassador James O’Leonard, who founded his own software company, PEAK 15 Systems, right here in Carlsbad. PEAK 15 exemplifies the positive employee culture and work-life balance that sets Carlsbad apart from other tech hubs.

“PEAK 15 is like for the travel industry. We are a cloud service that lets travel companies plan itineraries, book on their website, and manage all of the accounting.

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Jerome Lacote

CEO and Founder of Victorise

San Diego’s regional startup scene is growing rapidly, and it’s finally garnering national attention.

The US Chamber of Commerce ranked San Diego as the fourth best region for startups in the nation in 2017. Inc 5000 ranked San Diego fifth  for private company growth in 2018, outranking major cities such as Austin, Texas and San Francisco, California.

Carlsbad has a stake in this startup growth. With booming life sciences, information & communications technology and action sports manufacturing companies popping up all over, this city has a vibrant startup community of its own.

Victorise is a startup whose roots are here in Carlsbad. Jerome Lacote, the CEO and founder of the action sports technology startup, spoke to us about his vision for the company as well as enjoying the balance of living and working in Carlsbad

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Scott Boring

Software Architect for Walmart Labs

Walmart Labs–the tech arm of the global conglomerate Walmart–generated significant press coverage when they expanded from a small office space to a 30,000 square foot office at the Make campus in Carlsbad. The San Diego Union Tribune write that the move may indicate a larger trend as the San Diego region looks to enhance its reputation as a top destination for tech talent.

Carlsbad continues to be a growing part of that story, as major tech businesses expand and startups build their roots here.

We had the chance to speak with Scott Boring, who has worked for the Walmart Labs in Carlsbad for the last six years. He’s seen Walmart Labs’ growth from a tiny group of ten, to its move into a new office as it hires over one hundred new employees.

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Todd Anderson

Novasyte Director of Implementation

Novasyte, a local Carlsbad company since 2013, provides sales, clinical and field service teams to the med-tech device and diagnostic market. We had a chance to chat with Todd about Novasyte, his role as the director of implementation, what he finds most appealing about working in Carlsbad, and why he became an Active Ambassador for the Carlsbad Life in Action program.

“I work with all of our internal departments to make sure new clients and new programs, as well as our internal teams, are set up for success,” said Todd. “I get the various internal and external stakeholders together to ensure we provide outstanding service and kick off programs in the right way.”

Ten years ago, Todd was the company’s third employee. He got his start after meeting Joe Andrew, one of Novasyte’s co-founders and SVP of Operations and Quality, who came to Chico State to speak at his college entrepreneurship class. The company was looking to hire and Todd came on board initially as an intern, then, after graduating, worked full time.

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