Beaches and Benefits: How Carlsbad is Recruiting Top Talent

August 11, 2021

Carlsbad’s innovative companies will soon find another resource for recruiting talent, while people from around the world will have access to the many jobs found in the city. The City of Carlsbad and RoleCall, a talent attraction agency, recently announced an initiative to bring talent to Carlsbad. 

The new “Life in Action Recruiter” initiative, which is an extension to the city’s Life in Action campaign, will allow Carlsbad residents and people from around the world to learn about career opportunities and the abundance of innovative, top companies in Carlsbad. 

“Through a partnership with RoleCall, the Life in Action site will be outfitted with forms and links job seekers can use to share their info and resumes, and get recruited by local companies,” said Winona Dimeo-Ediger, chief creative officer at RoleCall. “The process is kind of taking traditional recruiting and flipping it on its head — rather than starting with the job and selling the community, we’re selling the community first and then connecting talent directly with local employers.”

Tim Carty, RoleCall’s co-founder and chief strategy officer, said the new initiative will assist job seekers in ways other programs cannot because it tailors to an individual’s needs. 

“By filling out the forms on the Life in Action website, prospective talent are opting into a personalized recruiting portal where the city can kickstart the matching process by sharing candidates with local employers,” he said. “It makes the job hunting process much more personal and shows job seekers how much Carlsbad truly cares about helping them find the right opportunity and start a new chapter — this is a city that wants you here and is going to help you get here and thrive here.” 

Matt Sanford, economic development manager for the City of Carlsbad, said the initiative won’t just help job seekers, but it will help local companies and business owners attract new talent. 

“Carlsbad is home to a diverse set of companies with a diverse set of needs,” Sanford said. “In discussions with local business owners and leaders, we’ve learned about the challenges they’ve faced in attracting and maintaining new talent. The initiative will address those concerns while simplifying the hiring process for companies.” 

It’s unlikely the initiative will have any issues with finding job seekers too, Dimeo-Ediger said. 

“Carlsbad is a beautiful coastal city on the cutting edge of innovation,” she said. “These aren’t just buzz words either. Everything from the great food scene and active lifestyle to high-tech and world-changing careers, Carlsbad has it. Now, our job is to connect people everywhere with the amazing lifestyle that can be realized in Carlsbad.” 

Job seekers can expect to see opportunities in industries ranging from communications technology, life sciences, sports innovation and design, clean technology and hospitality. They’ll also find more content about each position, quality-of-life related information, and other helpful insights that will inform them about Carlsbad or the position. 

Interested talent, as well as current and prospective Carlsbad residents can sign up for the program at

Carlsbad companies interested in participating in the program can contact the Life in Action team at [email protected].

“The City of Carlsbad knows how important recruiting and retaining talent is to local employers, so the City is doing everything they can to help deliver these qualified leads to local companies,” Dimeo-Ediger said.