Carlsbad Company is Mastering the Science of Sleep

February 21, 2023

SleepScore turns your dozes into data to improve overall wellness

Through strategic investments in its innovation ecosystem and resources, Carlsbad has become a premier hub for the technology sector over the past 10 years. Its assortment of incubators, lab space, talent development partnerships, and strong startup funding opportunities have drawn more high- and low-tech companies to the region each year, even during the pandemic. Technology has influenced nearly every leading sector in Carlsbad, from healthcare to manufacturing to action sports.

Technology is just one of the industries contributing to the diverse business environment in the city. We are going to dive a bit deeper into Carlsbad’s tech scene over the next few months. The series will spotlight the leading industries and the businesses that are the reason Carlsbad is now seen as a tech cluster. Kicking off the first in our series is SleepScore, a global sleep improvement company.  

Anyone who has had a restless night of sleep knows that there are many factors that go into your bedtime health. Pillows, mattresses, sound machines, calming teas, essential oils – the list for sleep aid products is endless, and leaves many consumers wondering what does and does not work. SleepScore is providing clarity in this arena, by producing personalized, data-driven insights to sleepers. 

SleepScore uses +100 million hours of sleep data to deliver sleep improvement you can measure and feel.

Through its app, SleepScore receives critical data while you sleep and by the morning, you have a detailed overview of your sleep behaviors. SleepScore uses safe sound waves to read and detect the movements of your upper body while you sleep. Throughout the night, the SleepScore app measures your breathing and movements while your phone sits on your nightstand. In the morning, SleepScore’s proprietary algorithm analyzes your sleep and provides you with a daily SleepScore (between 0-100) and a detailed breakdown of how you slept, including how long you spent in each sleep stage and how many times you woke up. 

But SleepScore takes the data even further. While consumers get the benefit of their personalized sleep results, SleepScore is also using the data to compile powerful, informed insights into the factors that affect sleep. This allows SleepScore to make recommendations that can actually move the needle for troubled sleepers, down to the type of lavender needed to induce relaxation. SleepScore works with leading companies throughout the world to drive their sleep improvement and wellness programs. The company also supports R&D in the sleep space and has become a leader among sleep research organizations supporting companies in many sectors.

SleepScore’s office is located off El Camino Real and Salk Ave.

“When people are looking for products or practices to improve their sleep, they have to rely on other people’s opinion, whether through recommendations or reviews,” said Colin Lawlor, CEO of SleepScore. “But sleep is a very personal thing, and you need your own data to understand the factors that could possibly be affecting your sleep.”

SleepScore was founded in 2016, and has been headquartered in Carlsbad since its inception. Choosing the right locale for the tech company was essential, as SleepScore is a science-first organization that needed a steady stream of technology talent.

“The access to top tech talent was one of the biggest drivers for our choice to establish in Carlsbad,” shared Lawlor. “Not only is Carlsbad a city full of amenities and business-friendly resources, but we know we can attract the outstanding engineers, data scientists, PhD graduates, and more in the local area.”

But it’s not just the talent that keeps SleepScore in Carlsbad. In addition to its consumer SleepScore services, the company also partners with local employers and other sleep health companies. Sleep is a major component in productivity, which is why many companies offer SleepScore services to employees as part of its health and wellness benefits.

“We always love to see how our Carlsbad companies collaborate and innovate with each other,” said Matt Sanford, Economic Development Manager for the City of Carlsbad. “SleepScore is a stalwart in our community, and we have been so lucky to see their rapid growth over the years.”

SleepScore currently has around 40 employees and is actively growing.

In addition to SleepScore’s local reach, the company recently celebrated a huge milestone in Germany. A testament to the importance of healthy sleep, SleepScore is the world’s first digital sleep improvement program to be certified by a government body for up to 100% reimbursement by health insurers. The program will be made available to tens of millions of insured people in Germany and opens the door for expansion across the European Union.

This recent news, as well as SleepScore’s other strategic ventures, has earned the company several lofty designations, including 105th Fastest-Growing Company in North America and 6th Fastest-Growing Company in San Diego. To learn more about SleepScore, visit

SleepScore is just one example of a Carlsbad tech company making waves around the world. Over the next few months, we’ll continue to highlight others that are doing the same. To follow our tech series, visit Carlsbad Life in Action.