Logistics Provider Revolutionizing AI Capabilities in E-Commerce Warehousing

March 22, 2023

ShipCalm uses augmented reality to streamline workforce processes

Last time we caught up with ShipCalm in 2020, the business was experiencing tremendous growth as demand for e-commerce products surged during the pandemic. Shortly after relocating its headquarters to Carlsbad in 2019, the e-commerce fulfillment and third-party logistics provider saw a 169-percent jump in total business from the massive amount of personal protective equipment (PPE) being shipped. That unprecedented activity would thrust ShipCalm into a major growth spurt, which continues today. 

The Ship Calm team member at their HQ headquarters located in Carlsbad California

In the second part of our deep dive into Carlsbad tech, we reconnected with ShipCalm CEO Greg Mosen to learn their growth strategy. Founded in 2017, ShipCalm provides logistics services to help online businesses solve their inventory problems through Amazon FBA prep, reverse logistics, kitting, packing and assembly, as well as e-Commerce shipping and warehousing. The supply chain pressures occurring over the last few years have given rise to ShipCalm’s dedication to enhance the capabilities of its AI-powered analytics system. ShipCalm’s approach to investing in technology revolves around three key pillars: cost savings, time savings, and reliability. 

“We are deeply committed to making our customers more successful, which is why our technology and business intelligence is focused on what will help them make key decisions for their company,” said Mosen.

Supply chain and logistics are an area many new business owners and local entrepreneurs are unacquainted with. When they hit a wall with their growth, that’s where ShipCalm comes in. Using its SaaS AI platform, SmartWarehouses™, and professional services, ShipCalm helps businesses automate inventory, scale warehousing, run omni-channel operations, and more. As for what’s ahead, ShipCalm continues to acquire and integrate key technologies to eliminate more barriers for business owners.

The Ship Calm fulfillment center 

“We are in research and development on some of the newest technologies in extended reality and augmented reality at the moment,” shared Mosen.  “When a brand owner provides work instructions of how they want their products delivered to customers, we want to bridge the gap with technology that brings that training and construction to the warehouse floor. That would allow a brand new employee to receive a digital display of their instructions and immediately go to work, knowing exactly what to do, without any errors.”

“ShipCalm’s investment in technology and engagement with clients across a number of industries is the quintessential Carlsbad success story, says Matt Sanford Economic Development Manager of City of Carlsbad. Their commitment to innovation helps advance our ecosystem as a whole.”

Technology of that caliber would be an industry-first, and a vital contribution to today’s fluctuating workforce. To make this possibility a reality, ShipCalm is relying on its own steady stream of talent from Carlsbad’s local workforce.

“Carlsbad is a place where many employees can see themselves working and living, which makes it easy to attract the talent we need,” said Moser. “We also appreciate that the City is proactive in helping companies find the right talent. We’ve used the Carlsbad Job-Readiness Room program to help us find many of our recent hires.”

The program has been an effective recruiting tool for ShipCalm, but the company also relies on the training provided by local universities, such as Cal State San Marcos, to reach potential employees. ShipCalm will soon be needing many more employees across the nation as they plan openings in Indiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and across the Pacific Northwest. At home in Carlsbad, hiring is in full swing across all divisions – technology, sales, marketing, and more. For more information on ShipCalm job openings, visit the website.

To learn more about the City of Carlsbad’s business services, please visit its business resources page or contact the City at 760-607-2923.