Why Talent Comes to Carlsbad: A Vibrant Hub of Innovation and Opportunity

July 24, 2023

Attracting top-tier talent has become a fundamental element in building successful companies, and Carlsbad is no exception. With its unique blend of thriving career opportunities, lifestyle benefits, and premier location, it’s no surprise that Carlsbad is becoming a magnet for skilled professionals across diverse sectors. In this article we’ll shine a light on a few examples that demonstrate why Carlsbad is the perfect destination for job seekers and career-changers alike.

The vibrancy of Carlsbad is reflected in its diverse yet high caliber industry clusters. From information & communications and life sciences to tech, sports innovation, hospitality, and clean and blue tech, our city is an epicenter of growth and innovation. Each sector has its unique strengths and opportunities, offering roots from which talented professionals can grow their careers.

The past few years have brought a multitude of uncertainty, but Carlsbad key industries have proven resilient, in part because of the talent base.  When it comes to life sciences and tech, Carlsbad has proven to be a hub of innovation and thriving companies are known for their knack in attracting and retaining talent amid a hot labor market.  The life sciences industry cluster employs 6,657 workers across 134 businesses and experienced a 2.6% increase in employment between 2018 and 2020, according to the 2022 Carlsbad Business Report. The cluster is 5.51 times more concentrated in Carlsbad than the national average. 

Tyra Biosciences, a biotechnology company that is developing treatments to fight acquired resistance in oncology is one of the Carlsbad life sciences companies that has grown significantly, even reaching a major milestone, amid the pandemic raising $199 million and going public in September 2021.  CEO Todd Haris has said “There is a ton of biotech talent here in Carlsbad that’s been drawn here over many years due to San Diego’s strength as a biotech hub.” 

Tyra now trades shares on the Nasdaq exchange under the symbol TYRA.

In the world of information and communication, Carlsbad is revolutionizing the logistics of E-commerce warehousing through AI capabilities. The City is home to innovative logistics providers such as Shipcalm, which offers unique opportunities for professionals in this sector. “ShipCalm’s investment in technology and engagement with clients across a number of industries is the quintessential Carlsbad success story, says Matt Sanford, Economic Development Manager of City of Carlsbad. Their commitment to innovation helps advance our ecosystem as a whole. ShipCalm’s approach to revolutionizing logistics is evidence of the City’s commitment to harnessing technology’s power in driving change and progress.”

In the sphere of sports innovation and action sports, is it widely known that Carlsbad’s golf companies drive innovation, making it a haven for professionals seeking to merge their passion for sports with their career. The city is bustling with sports-related enterprises, from small startups to global giants, making it an exciting destination for those with an eye on the sporting industry. 

Bret Wahl, Vice President of Product Development for TaylorMade Golf Company has said, “Carlsbad provides so many advantages for a business to hire and retain the best employees and create a work environment conducive to being successful and doing its best work. For TaylorMade, Carlsbad has served as a great location for our HQ functions for decades, and we are happy to be part of this thriving and connected community.”

TaylorMade Golf Company is located on Fermi Court in Carlsbad. (Credit: TaylorMade Golf Company)

In the realm of hospitality, Carlsbad is renowned for its commitment to offering a high quality of life, with a variety of cultural events, recreational activities, and world-class dining options enhancing the appeal of living and working here.  The hospitality and tourism industry is actually the  largest employer in Carlsbad, supporting nearly 20,000 workers across hundreds of businesses, according to the 2022 Carlsbad Business Report. The industry is about 1.35 more concentrated in Carlsbad than the national average.

Lastly, Carlsbad’s clean and blue tech industry has demonstrated remarkable growth, with a significant economic impact that is expected to add $1.4 billion to the local economy by 2024, according to the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. This prediction aligns with the city’s dedicated focus on fostering a thriving environment for Cleantech companies and attracting talent with cutting-edge skills in this field.  Employment in Carlsbad’s Cleantech sector is growing. As of 2023, the industry is estimated to provide over 4,000 jobs, a figure that is projected to increase by 20% over the next two years. These job opportunities span across diverse roles, from R&D and engineering to business management and production, providing opportunities for talent from various backgrounds.

A pioneer in the blue tech space, Carlsbad is home to Poseidon Water’s headquarters and they believe Carlsbad to be a destination of choice for the clean tech industry. CEO Carlos Riva has previously explained why Poseidon Water chose Carlsbad, stating, “Carlsbad is a thriving community that provides a highly skilled workforce, a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, and an ideal setting for innovation in the Blue Tech industry. We are proud to be part of this dynamic community that shares our vision for a sustainable and water-secure future.” 

Ariel view of the Carlsbad Desalination Plant 

Life in Carlsbad is more than just a professional opportunity; it’s a lifestyle choice. It’s about being part of a vibrant, supportive community that fosters personal well-being alongside professional growth. 

As we continue to build upon the success of our industry clusters, our commitment to nurturing talent remains unwavering and believe in providing resources to help both job seekers and employers alike with programs such as the job readiness room and  city seeker tools.  

Carlsbad believes in cultivating  an environment where innovation thrives, where professionals can pursue their passions, and where a high quality of life is a given, not a luxury. It’s not just about what Carlsbad has to offer; it’s about what you can bring to our city. We invite you to explore the opportunities waiting for you in Carlsbad – a city where life is truly in action.

To learn more about the City of Carlsbad’s business services, please visit its business resources page or contact the City at 760-607-2923.