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Careers on the Creative Coast

Look no further than our town to give you the inspiration you’ll need to succeed on a creative career path. Carlsbad’s breadth of tech, digital design, marketing, and food production companies are looking for the best up-and-coming creative talent along with seasoned industry professionals to push their brands to the next level. With Carlsbad’s colorful surroundings and a burgeoning creative class, you’ll no doubt feel at home to practice your artistic expression in whatever Carlsbad career you pursue.

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Building brands by the beach

Marketing and communications positions are in high demand as companies are increasingly looking for ways to stand out from the pack. Brand managers and strategists create exciting new concepts in inspiring workspaces like Make and Atlas while the emergence of desired social media management professionals bring those brands to target audiences. As these jobs become more in demand, Carlsbad is the perfect place to stimulate this new creative class.

Turning digits into design

As Carlsbad’s tech community gets bigger by the second, so does the need for creative talent who can convert 1’s and 0’s and into beautiful products for end users. Web developer jobs in Carlsbad are in high demand across all industry sectors. UX and UI talent are especially needed in software and app development, a growing sub-sector of our information and communications technology cluster in Carlsbad. And Carlsbad’s sports innovation and design companies are always on the lookout for the best creative tech talent to build appealing new sports equipment or design applications that better connects fans with their sports.

A gamer's gemstone

Carlsbad has a small but connected enclave of gaming companies developing some of the most buzzworthy names in the industry. San Diego may be known for Comic-Con, but just a few dozen miles north, names like Jam City, Redemption Games, NTN Buzztime, Rockstar Games, High Moon Studios and Zynga call Carlsbad their sandbox. The creative talent in our gaming industry have roots with all the major names, staying agile and encouraging the next generation of game developers to be equally as nimble. Being accessible to both San Diego and Los Angeles helps gaming companies in Carlsbad straddle two important markets to drive their success.

Made local, enjoyed local

We’re proud of our tech and design creatives in Carlsbad, but we’re also madly in love with our craft food and beverage makers. In Carlsbad, many of our small businesses will let you get up-close and personal with your food makers right in the kitchen or manufacturing floor. You’ll get a new appreciation of the tasty bites by meeting the talented food artist serving up delicious eats.

Companies Hiring in These Fields

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Build a brand from the bottom up or design the world's next big game. All at a creative Carlsbad career.


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