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If you dreamed of mitosis in high school or found clarity on the other end of a microscope, you’ll feel at home among the global biotech companies in Carlsbad. From medical devices to pharmaceutical development, over 100 Carlsbad companies are saving lives and changing the future of health as we know it.

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Building products that save lives

Medical devices are a fundamental part of healthcare, life sciences and advanced manufacturing industries, including the development and production of diagnostic and treatment products ranging from simple tongue depressors to life-saving drugs and sophisticated imaging products. Carlsbad has a number of medical devices focused on spinal and dental health, as well as testing and diagnostic products. We have industry veterans like Thermo Fisher Scientific, Beckman Coulter and Alphatec Spine, alongside new names like DNAe and SeaSpine.

Forging groundbreaking discoveries

With names like Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Abbott Laboratories, MilliporeSigma (US subsidiary of Merck), and Greenwich Biosciences, Carlsbad pharmaceutical companies are taking things like cannabinoids and RNA to treat diseases of today and tomorrow. We’ve got companies working at all steps in the pharmaceutical life cycle, like Argonaut Manufacturing, helping smaller companies break into the pharmaceutical development market by providing contract manufacturing services. We’ve even got startups like CB Therapeutics  that are revolutionizing pharmaceuticals by developing compounds without deriving them from their natural counterparts.

Creating a biotech hub

Carlsbad is the first city in Southern California to partner with and support a life sciences incubator, Bio, Tech and Beyond.  The 6,000 sq. ft. space allows small start-ups to rent bench space for research and development. The incubator also holds community science programs and will soon offer space for individuals to come and tinker too. Since opening in 2013, over 50 companies have been incubated, solidifying Carlsbad’s place as a life sciences hub in San Diego.

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Biotech is a growing industry in Carlsbad. Check out open positions at some of these companies.

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